This developing website is dedicated to you and everyone else for being awesome in some way. You all deserve credit for leaving a positive imprint and being my motivation to continue improving. Currently, this website is best viewed via Google Chrome!

Picture of Me!

Yo, I'm Alec.

I am a curious extrovert who currently studies pharmacy at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. I have a fascination for knowledge. My love for solving problems is matched only by my habit of creating them. My life goals are to make a change and inspire others. I enjoy multiplayer videogames, computer programming, and ultimate frisbee. I dislike surrendering, recursion, and sweets.

My plan for the immediate future is to explore the confluence of medicine and technology. I have worked in retail and hospital settings, but I think I belong in non-traditional settings. I am currently pursuing a career in informatics pharmacy, but I am also interested in other fields where I can build tools for healthcare.

Team Nexus is a representation of the convergence of experiences with everyone I have met. Succeeding at life is a team effort. My heroes teach and inspire me to emulate them with my own style.

Contact me at: [email protected]


NLM Citation Machine


Ringer restorer for jailbroken iPhones!

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NLM Citation Machine

NLM Citation Machine

Automatic NLM style citation generator!

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Grade Calculator

Grade Calculator

Excel spreadsheet for calculating grades!

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USci PubMed Bookmarklet

USci PubMed Bookmarklet

USciences library access to PubMed!

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PubMed Popularity Search

PubMed Popularity Search

Sort PubMed articles by most cited!

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Unfinished Project

This project isn't ready to be shared yet. Stay tuned!

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I've been inspired by this reddit post to have a challenge bucket list. Tell me something you have done, or want to do, that you think I should do. It can be anything, as challenging as you want it to be, or as easy. As long as you give me the rest of my life to complete it, I promise I will do it. Email me a challenge!

"Every win is possible. Your actions make it probable."

Name Challenge Proof of Completion
Jason He Win a prize at MedHacks 2017! completed on 9/10/2017
Nash Be a vegetarian for a week! not completed yet
Willian Build a website using Firebase backend services! not completed yet
David Create a better mobile experience for users on your site! not completed yet
Oddy Get to Top 10 of my region's PR! not completed yet
Steven Visit all 50 states! not completed yet
Jonathan Bench press 150lbs! not completed yet
Angela Get a 4.0 for a semester! not completed yet
Kevin Meet me at PAX East 2015!!! completed on 3/6/2015
Brian Build MangaTab! not completed yet
Raubel Put up a voiceover/cover of Love Is An Open Door with a friend on youtube! not completed yet
Nikki Cook lunch! completed on 7/6/2014
Sakib Get below 10% body fat! not completed yet
KDai Get to diamond rank in League, WITHOUT playing jungle! not completed yet
Alec Build a website! completed on 7/4/2014